is a website that is the biggest source of information for all the associated of Kroger Co. Kroger is one of the biggest supermarket chains operating in the USA. This company has nearly 2700 branches in different states and cities of America.

About Kroger:

 Kroger is a huge retail company set up that was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883. In terms of revenue, Kroger is the biggest company in America and the fifth-largest revenue-generating company in the world.

Kroger works with a variety of sectors such as bakeries, grocery shops, drug stores, and other types of departmental stores. There are thousands of employees working in Kroger. Kroger values its employees and appreciates them from time to time in order to boost their performance. is an online web portal that has been implemented by Kroger. This portal is specifically for the employees of the Kroger. The company has taken several measures to protect the privacy of its employees. Owing to this, the portal of can only be accessed by the employees who are authorized by the Kroger Company.

According to the web portal, it is completely an unlawful act to access the content of this portal by anyone who is not authorized by the Kroger Company.

How to access the

  1. In order to access, the user is required to launch the browser. For this purpose, any browser can be used.
  2. After opening the browser, the user should enter the URL of
  3. When the user enters the URL, he is redirected to the secure website of the Kroger. This is basically a point where the employees can access their workplace and all the information related to their work


The employees of the Kroger Company are granted access to the so that they can get different access content provided by the company. The employees are required to provide the Kroger login and password in order to get their hand at the news and all the information related to the Kroger Company, the working schedules of the employees, the discounts offered by the Kroger Company to its employees, and what not

Kroger is aimed at maintaining the privacy of the company and the employees. For this purpose, the company assigns the unique login ID and password to the employees. The employees are required to login in on the with the help of ID and password.

Logging into

The employees of the Kroger Company can access their personal information on the portal when they enter the login ID and password. Greatpeople me Kroger schedule and many other details of the employees are accessed by the employees after logging in

Why logging into the

The purpose of getting logged in on the portal is specified by the company. The employees are asked not to use this portal for any other purpose other than the one company specified. If the employees show non-compliance to the rules of the company, the company takes disciplinary actions against those employees. The company basically creates the schedule of the employees, and then the employees can access the great people my schedule easily with the help of enterprise ID and password. is continuously accessed Kroger Company itself so that it can monitor the activities of the employees on the The greatpeople me Kroger login is done by the company also for keeping an eye on the activities of the employees. As a matter of fact, the Kroger Company has reserved the right to access the details of every employee.

Employee Review

A good place to work

I started as a bagger on the front end and was promoted to the meat department. Great staff and excellent customer service. Management was great at the time I was working there but main manager retired so I don’t know anymore.

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